10 Content Marketing Ideas For Boring eCommerce Products

Content marketing ideas

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times. Your e-commerce site needs a blog. Content marketing will create loyal fans and customers for you. Go start producing high-quality and unique content now!

All right, sounds good. You set up a blog, write a couple of introductory posts about your store, and then you stop. The problem? You can’t come up with any interesting content because your products are too “boring”. You don’t sell light-sabers, you sell furniture or toilet paper.

So now what? How do you come up with topics for your blog? What could you possibly write about a couch that would be interesting enough to share and read online?

Well, fear not young Padawan, because all it takes is a bit of creativity. In this article I’ll share some methods of coming up with new blog post ideas at will. Your content marketing pipeline will never go dry again!

Shed light on how you started

Everyone loves a good success story. What’s yours?

Talk about what you were doing before you started your e-commerce store. Tell us how you came up with the idea and describe that first moment when you saw the light. What were your next steps? What was it like when you launched the store?

A good story inspires people so don’t skip the juicy details. Talk about your early failures and how you overcame them. Describe the long hours and hard work you put in to creating your store.

Saddleback Leather has a really interesting origins story. It starts with the founder narrating his bullfighting experience in Mexico and then continues with how he made his first leather bag and how the company grew over the years.

Saddleback leather content marketing

Introduce your team

A business is made up of humans, and it’s that human connection that turns visitors into customers and customers into brand advocates. People want to know who you are if they are to trust you enough to buy from you and recommend your products to their friends.

Turn the spotlight on your team members. Write about their back stories and share some funny incidents that happened to them. Better yet, ask your team to write posts about what they do and why they decided to work with you.

DODOcase interviews everyone involved in their business, from bookbinders to store managers. The interviews are short and engaging, talking about why each person works at the company and asking them to share secrets about themselves.

DODOcase content marketing

Go behind the scenes

Instead of writing boring stuff about your products, try going behind the scenes and into the design and manufacturing process. Highlight what’s different about your products by telling people how they are made.

An interesting take would be to show how the designs for your products have evolved over the years. Include images of early sketches and rough prototypes and awe your customers with the how those sketches are turned into reality at the factory.

Create a video about it too. Show readers each step of the manufacturing process, right from the raw materials to the final product. If you sell globally, talk about how your products are packaged and shipped to people across the world. That will impress them for sure.

Wootten has a behind the scenes video of their shoemaking process. They show how they use traditional methods to design and create their leather footwear.

Wootten content marketing

Turn FAQs into posts

Why not kill two birds with one stone by creating entire posts out of customer questions. You probably have a list of common questions that customers always ask. And if they aren’t asking you those questions, they’re asking your competitors.

By writing posts about those questions, you’re providing valuable information to consumers plus ranking on Google for those keyword queries. That is, after all, the point of content marketing. Next time a customer calls you with a question, remember to note it down and then write a detailed post about it.

Interview customers

Every time customers write to you about how they love your products, or write reviews on your site, you have a potential new blog post. Reward them by calling them up and asking to interview them.

Find out why they love your products so much and how it has helped them. Ask them how they think you can improve and what they would like to see in new products.

The best part is, people love getting interview and sharing their stories. So the customers you interview will basically do the marketing for you as well by spreading the word on their networks. In fact, this could be a great incentive to get more customers to write product reviews.

Fitbit has an entire section on their blog dedicated to interviews with customers. They call them Fitbit Success Stories and highlight inspirational stories of customers who have used their products to make a positive change in their lives.

Fitbit content marketing

Give something away

Speaking of rewards, how about adding an extra dimension to your content marketing with contests or giveaways. People love free stuff and a giveaway is a great way of gaining a whole bunch of new subscribers who may eventually buy something from you.

The simplest way to run a contest is to ask people to share your blog post about the contest, or comment on the post. The person with the most shares or best comment wins a free product. If your product cost isn’t too high, you might even find that you’re getting higher ROIs for giveaways than on Google Adwords.

Craft Coffee gave away a free 12-month subscription to celebrate Mother’s Day. That’s coffee for an entire year worth $240! Participants had to share their post on social media to qualify.

Craft Coffee content marketing

Announce promotions and sales

If you’ve got a big sale coming up, drum up excitement about it with a post. Describe what the sale is about, when it’s starting and how long it will last. Talk about the products that will be on sale, and explain why they are part of the sale.

The benefits are two-fold. First, they give existing customers an advance notice, so they’re ready when the sales actually starts. Second, it attracts new customers who’ll subscribe to your e-mail list so that they can get notified when the sale begins.

Pure Fix Cycles create a gift guide as part of their Father’s Day promotion. They mixed and matched some of their products and created bundles with discounts.

Pure Fix content marketing

Unveil new products

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people eagerly await the WWDC, Apple’s annual event where they usually unveil new products. They generate so much excitement and anticipation about their products from this event that it’s probably enough to sell out their first production run.

Now you may not have the fan following that Apple does but unveiling upcoming products in a blog post is a great way to generate some interest and maybe make some pre-sales. You can also ask customers for feedback in advance, allowing you to tweak the product so that it has everything they want.

Here’s a post on the Whipping Post blog unveiling their new tote bag. They’ve used a video for product demonstration and have also added a pre-order link for customers.

Whipping Post content marketing

Research keywords

Oh no, not that SEO stuff again. Well, unfortunately, SEO isn’t limited to product pages. The entire purpose of content marketing is to create posts that focus on a keyword, or set of keywords, that consumers are searching for.

The key (no pun intended) is not to stick to the keywords that have most searches. In fact, keyword research can actually give you new topic ideas if you look at some of the long-tail phrases that people search. Take this post for example. There are people actually searching for the phrase ‘content marketing ideas for e-commerce site’s blog’. It may just be 10 a month, but it’s 10 new potential customers for you each month. Isn’t that worth the cost of one blog post?

To make it easy and simple to find these keyword phrases, use a software like Hittail. It can analyse the traffic coming to your site and find out which search terms people use. It also generates a list of long-tail keywords which you can then convert to blog posts.

Create a list

Yeah, people love lists. This post is a list!

You can create a list about anything and people will click on it. The stranger, the better. That doesn’t mean you should create a random list. You’ll need to keep it related to your product of course.

Here are some titles you can use as a starting point. After that it might take a bit of creativity and research to write the actual post.

“X Unconventional Ways To Use Product Y”

“X Unusual Places You Can Find Product Y”

“X Reasons Why You Should Buy Product Y This Summer”

“X Gift Ideas For Mom” (Obviously this post will include products from your store)

You get the picture.

Inspired yet? It’s time to start writing!

The best way to ensure your content marketing pipeline is full is to start with a brainstorming session. Set aside an hour right now and based on the examples above try to come up with as many topics as you can. See if you can get at least 30 topics. That should be good for 2-3 months. Every couple of months, go through another session and generate more ideas.

Have some other suggestions for blog topics? Share them in the comments section!

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