5 Social Shopping Sites You Should Get Your Products On

Social plays a huge role when we go shopping. Think about the last time you purchased a product. Major purchases took a lot of time and deliberation, with you asking friends and family who have bought similar items what they thought of it. Even when shopping for small items, you look for recommendations, like which dress or tie you should buy.

That’s why people like shopping. It’s a social endeavor. You share products and you discover new ones through friends.

With social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, we were able to bring some of that social experience online. Customers can share your products on their social accounts, thus announcing to their friends that they vouch for you, and this makes it more likely for their friends to buy from you.

But social networks couldn’t bring the full experience online. They were meant to be places where you connected with other people and shared things. They don’t have a discovery aspect to it.

That’s where social shopping sites come in. They are places where shoppers go to discover and share new products. Shoppers can add products to collections or wishlists. They can share products and collections, follow brands and other shoppers, and get recommendations on new products based on products they like.

As an e-commerce store owner, adding your products to these sites can help you get discovered a lot quicker. If you’re looking for a source of free and qualified traffic, get your products on these sites –

Wanelo – Wanelo stands for Want, Need, Love. Head to their site and get yourself a POST+ button for your store. When shoppers see and click on it, your product immediately gets added to their Wanelo profile where other shoppers can discover it. Wanelo also automatically creates a ‘store’ for your product, and you can log in and claim it. Once claimed, you can start communicating with your followers.

Svpply – As with Wanelo, Svpply lets shoppers share your product via the Svpply button on your product page. Once they do that, their followers can see your products too. Shoppers can ‘Want’ a product, which is akin to wishlisting it, or they can add it to a collection. Svpply also creates a store when a new product is added and you can claim it by creating an account.

Wantcy – Wantcy is a community curated magazine for unique gifts, decor, tech and other accesories. They focus on products with great design, and each product has a purchase button leading back to the original site. Wantcy also has a marketplace where you can set up your store and sell your products.

Fancy – This is another user-curated site where shoppers ‘fancy’ items as opposed to liking or wishlisting them. As a merchant you can set up your own store front and promote your products on fancy. Shoppers can buy directly from within Fancy and also share your products with their followers.

Luvocracy – Luvocracy is a social shopping site with a twist. Shoppers can share or ‘luv’ products on the site, but they can also buy them. However, Luvocracy does the shopping instead. They find the lowest price of a product and buy it for the user. If you’re an independent retailer, and the product is something you created, Luvocracy will support you and buy it from you. You can also create your own brand profile and share your products on the site. Other users have an incentive to share your products, because if they get purchased, the sharer actually gets paid a small amount.

Are your products already on any of these site? If not, get them on and start sharing them. And if you come across any others, let us know!


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