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Hi, my name is Sid and I’m an entrepreneur and writer. I write for some popular sites and you can see where I’ve been published on my personal site.

I’ve always been interested in trade and commerce in some way or the other. I guess we all are. Humans have been trading for millenia. As kids we’re always exchanging trading cards and other collectibles. I used to try bartering stamps and coins for other interesting items. As I grew older, I got more interested in making money. In university I started selling t-shirts, hoodies and concert tickets for music festivals.

Then I graduated and I got a job at a big consulting firm in Canada. I wore suits and drove to work every day. I worked with great people, had great relationships with senior management, and hung out with colleagues every evening. Life was good…

But I wanted more. I’ve always had the entrepreneurial itch, and so even though I had a great job, I decided to quit and strike out on my own. I left home and moved to South America where I started a e-commerce site that sold tours and trips online. It was slow going, I made mistakes and learnt, and eventually I decided to shut it down. Meanwhile I had started to freelance to supplement my income. I designed sites and wrote about marketing for clients that included e-commerce stores. I kept learning more about e-commerce through my clients.

I moved to South-East Asia to focus more on my own ventures and less on my freelance work. I started another commerce business selling protein bars in Thailand for a while before I decided it was too much of a hassle to deal with food regulations over there. I then opened a dropshipping store before I realised it was a very competitive niche, so I had to drop that. Yet another lesson learnt. Recently, I started a motivational poster store. It’s early days still but it makes some money so that’s a good thing. And I have more on the way. I keep a running list of ideas and my aim is to automate my current store before moving on to the next.

Why I started this blog

My journey has been long and I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error, multiple failures, and a lot of learning. While there are many great blogs out there for e-commerce entrepreneurs, I’ve found that they don’t really address the issues faced by new entrepreneurs about how to start up and what platforms, apps and softwares to use. I see the same questions being asked online every day and no one really answering them completely. There’s information out there but it’s too fragmented, and it’s too high-level.

That’s why I started this blog. So that you can skip past the part where you need to spend time learning the process. Instead, learn with me. Learn what doesn’t work from the mistakes I made, and what works from my experiments and freelance work with successful companies. With step-by-step guides, informational articles, helpful interviews and suggestions for the best e-commerce tools and apps, I hope to drastically cut down the time it takes for you to launch your store and increase your chances of success.

Oh, you’ll still need to put in a lot of work. You’ll still be responsible for your own success, and it won’t come easy. But you won’t be alone, you’ll have this site and this community to help you.

What’s here?

This site is mostly comprised of articles and resources. Articles are informative posts, guides, general information, or other links to stories that we believe will both entertain and educate you. Resources are products, services, or tools aimed at helping your accomplish your missing of opening and running a successful store.

I also offer our some of my freelance services such as store setup, consultations and copywriting. Subscribers get some of our services free. Have a look at the Services page to find out more.

For full disclosure, I do earn money if you decide to purchase most of the products or services you will find mentioned here. I kindly ask that if you do intend to purchase something seen here, that you use our links so that I can continue to keep this site running. 

Where to start?

I recommend you start with the ‘Launch in a week’ mini-course. The course is free and you get access to it by subscribing below. You’ll receive a new lesson every day for a week with actionable steps to help you launch a store. Hopefully, if you do it right, you’ll have your own store up and running by the end of the week. You can then read the articles I put out and use the resources on the site to scale and grow your store.

You also get special access to many other features. Read more about why you should subscribe.

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