A Roundup Of My eCommerce Posts From Around The Web

Kissmetrics ecommerce posts

Of late, I’ve published a fair number of eCommerce posts on the most well-known blogs in the marketing world. While this blog remains a priority, I can reach more people by posting on other blogs. That being said, I realise that some of my posts may not have reached you. You subscribed to this blog to receive…

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5 Steps to A/B Testing Your eCommerce Store

A/B Testing

I recently published an ebook for LemonStand on A/B Testing for eCommerce stores. You can read the full version here, but in this post I wanted to cover the basics of A/B testing and how it can increase your conversion rates and lead to more sales for your online store. For many small business owners,…

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How To Create A Giveaway On Your E-Commerce Store

giveaway gift

As you may have noticed, I’m currently giving away one year of Forewards for free. Giveaways are a great way of building your brand, an e-mail list and social media following. They’re popular among blogs but work great for e-commerce stores. The basic idea is simple. You pick a product that you want to give…

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5 Crucial E-mail Marketing Features for E-commerce

E-mail marketing features

In a previous post, we talked about how to pick an e-mail marketing service for your e-commerce store. We spoke about aspects like usability, reliability and so on. The biggest selling point of any service is the features they offer. Most services offer a wide range of e-mail marketing features that cater to any online…

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Social Commerce Goes To The Next Level With These 3 Developments

Social commerce

There’s no doubt that Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are an important part of any e-commerce marketing strategy. Sharing products on Facebook, pinning product images, and tweeting product cards on Twitter are what make up social commerce. But it doesn’t end there. Over the last couple of days, there have been some significant developments. All three…

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10 Content Marketing Ideas For Boring eCommerce Products

Content marketing ideas

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times. Your e-commerce site needs a blog. Content marketing will create loyal fans and customers for you. Go start producing high-quality and unique content now! All right, sounds good. You set up a blog, write a couple of introductory posts about your store, and then you stop. The problem? You…

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Master the 5 Channels of Customer Support to Increase Store Loyalty

Customer Support

Customer support is often ignored by e-commerce stores. Master the 5 channels of customer support and turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

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How To Increase Sales Through Customer Referrals

Create a customer referral program

Think back to the last time you bought something you really loved. What did you do when you got it? You told your friends and family about it. “Hey, check out this cool new thing I bought. I found it at xyz.com. You should buy one too!” Wouldn’t it be amazing if your customers did…

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How Cart Abandonment Is Killing Your Sales And What To Do About It

Stop cart abandonment

67.91%. That’s the average shopping cart abandonment rate compiled from 27 different sources. That’s a lot of money going down the drain. Think about it, 2 out of every 3 shoppers on your site pick items to buy and then drop it when the time comes to pay. You’re making only one sale out of…

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10 Subscription Businesses to Inspire Your Next E-commerce Store

Subscription businesses are on the rise

“Our blades are f*cking great!” You’ve heard that sentence before haven’t you. Yup, that’s a line from the Dollar Shave Club promo video that went viral in 2012. The company is still around, and it’s doing amazingly well. Who would have thought selling shaving blades for a dollar online would make a successful business. So…

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