Facebook Ads for E-commerce: Driving Traffic

Facebook ads: Driving traffic to your e-commerce site

This is Part 3 of our Facebook Ads series. In this part we’re going to discuss how to run and optimise your campaigns to drive traffic to your website, product or landing page.  Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t read them already. We’ve talked about how you can drive a lot…

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Facebook Ads for E-commerce: Growing Your Brand

Growing your brand with Facebook Ads

This is Part 2 of our Facebook Ads series. Check out Part 1 here, if you haven’t read it yet. Many people use Facebook Ads just like they use Google Ads, and they expect the same results for cheaper. You need to understand that this is a different advertising platform, and your results are bound…

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Facebook Ads for E-commerce: Getting Started

Facebook Ads

As a new e-commerce store owner, advertising is the best way to get some quick traffic right from the start. Google Ads has always been the preferred advertising platform, purely because of Google’s ubiquitous reach. Along with their Keyword Tools, Analytics and Product Listing Ads, Google has a powerful suite of tools to target keywords,…

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A Google AdWords Primer for E-Commerce Stores

Google AdWords Logo

With their domination of the internet, you’d think that Google would invest in a few UI designers. Unfortunately they don’t seem to think it’s worth the effort, and so we’re left with a clunky Adwords interface that looks like it came straight from a 90’s horror flick. After all, we’re still going to use it…

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