Facebook Ads for E-commerce: Driving Traffic

This is Part 3 of our Facebook Ads series. In this part we’re going to discuss how to run and optimise your campaigns to drive traffic to your website, product or landing page.  Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t read them already. We’ve talked about how you can drive a lot…

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10 Marketplaces to Sell Your Creative Products On

One of the biggest hurdles when selling your own custom designs and crafts online is getting exposure. If you’re a designer or creative entrepreneur, you might have faced this problem. You’ve probably opened up your own storefront, but how do you compete with so many other stores selling the same product but with their own…

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5 Social Shopping Sites You Should Get Your Products On

Social plays a huge role when we go shopping. Think about the last time you purchased a product. Major purchases took a lot of time and deliberation, with you asking friends and family who have bought similar items what they thought of it. Even when shopping for small items, you look for recommendations, like which…

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5 Simple Ways To Increase E-commerce Conversion Rates

Optimize e-commerce conversion rates

Many new e-commerce store owners think that setting up a site and throwing traffic at it is a good way to make quick sales. It’s all well and good to set up an Adwords campaign, or use Facebook ads to generate some traffic up front. In fact, I advocate doing that, if you have the…

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Dropship, Wholesale or Manufacture?

Decisions, decisions! Why must we have so many choices? It’s tough enough to pick a good niche, but after that we still need to decide how we want to run our business. When starting a new e-commerce store we are faced with three options. Three ways of delivering a product to the customer. The ultimate…

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Inject Life Into Your Product Copy

People regularly ask me to provide feedback on their e-commerce stores. The most common complaint I hear is – “I’m getting traffic, but no sales. What’s wrong with my site?” To be honest, it’s tough to give precise and absolute answers to such questions. There could be any number of things wrong, and the only…

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Facebook Ads for E-commerce: Growing Your Brand

This is Part 2 of our Facebook Ads series. Check out Part 1 here, if you haven’t read it yet. Many people use Facebook Ads just like they use Google Ads, and they expect the same results for cheaper. You need to understand that this is a different advertising platform, and your results are bound…

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Facebook Ads for E-commerce: Getting Started

As a new e-commerce store owner, advertising is the best way to get some quick traffic right from the start. Google Ads has always been the preferred advertising platform, purely because of Google’s ubiquitous reach. Along with their Keyword Tools, Analytics and Product Listing Ads, Google has a powerful suite of tools to target keywords,…

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How to Accept Bitcoin on Your E-commerce Store


Bitcoin has been gaining in popularity over the past few months, ever since it shot up to over $1000 in value last year. At the time of writing this post, it’s back down to a little less than $500, so it’s still quite volatile. However, many online businesses and e-commerce stores are starting to accept…

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How to Pick an E-mail Marketing Service For Your E-commerce Store

E-mail marketing services for e-commerce

E-mail marketing has come a long way from the old days of plain text mails. Of course, plain text is still around and many marketers prefer to stick to it, but now you’ve also got the option of crafting beautiful HTML e-mails. E-mail marketing services have popped up, offering features like list management, subscriptions forms…

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