10 Marketplaces to Sell Your Creative Products On


One of the biggest hurdles when selling your own custom designs and crafts online is getting exposure. If you’re a designer or creative entrepreneur, you might have faced this problem. You’ve probably opened up your own storefront, but how do you compete with so many other stores selling the same product but with their own…

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Dropship, Wholesale or Manufacture?

Dropship, wholesale or manufacture?

Decisions, decisions! Why must we have so many choices? It’s tough enough to pick a good niche, but after that we still need to decide how we want to run our business. When starting a new e-commerce store we are faced with three options. Three ways of delivering a product to the customer. The ultimate…

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How to Accept Bitcoin on Your E-commerce Store


Bitcoin has been gaining in popularity over the past few months, ever since it shot up to over $1000 in value last year. At the time of writing this post, it’s back down to a little less than $500, so it’s still quite volatile. However, many online businesses and e-commerce stores are starting to accept…

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New Product Niche? Validate It Without Spending Money

Validate your product niche

When you hit upon a new product idea, the first thing you need to do is some research. If you’ve subscribed to our ‘Launch In A Week’ e-mail course, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to measure market demand and analyze competition for your product niche. This is important because it lets you know whether…

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A Roundup of Hosted E-commerce Solutions

Hosted e-commerce solutions

When you’re building an e-commerce store, you’ll need a platform that supports all the important e-commerce functions. Sort of like a CMS but for e-commerce. Sure, you can build one from scratch but why not cut to the chase and use what’s out there. You can either choose to self-host the platform, or find a…

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What is a Business Resale License and How To Get One

Business resale license

Handling the legal aspects of starting a business, such an incorporating and obtaining the required licenses, can be time consuming, confusing and expensive, but there is no way around it. There are no shortcuts and never should any be taken or any important steps skipped. Doing so could come back to hurt you legally, financially,…

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Write a Personal Plan Before Your Business Plan

business plan

In the world of business, especially during the pre-launch phase of a new venture or company, much emphasis is placed on forming a solid business plan, marketing plan, raising capital, setting up your infrastructure, acquiring your products, maximizing margins and profits, and everything else that defines a successful business. And this is all for good…

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What is Bitcoin and Should Your Store Accept It For Payment?


If you haven’t yet heard of Bitcoin, you’ve been living under a rock. With the Internet and media in a frenzy about this new digital currency, it’s important for any business or store owner to become acquainted with it and even consider introducing it in to their operations. People are trading Bitcoins every day for…

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What’s the Difference Between Web Hosting Server Types?

Data center

You’ve bought your domain name and you’ve learned that you need a web host, like HostGator, in order to publish your website or store online; granted you’re not using a service like Shopify or Wix. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a web host, but we’ll assume you have decided on…

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How Do I Choose a Web Hosting Company?

Web hosting

With a rise in power and popularity of web-based website and online store building applications like Shopify and Wix, people searching for traditional web hosting to launch a website are declining. These services offer not only the ability to create your site but also host it online. But, that doesn’t mean that web hosts don’t…

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