Forewards – The Referral Marketing Software That Just Works

Forewards referral marketing software

Referral marketing campaigns are a cost-effective way of marketing your eCommerce business. We’ve already seen how they can help you increase sales and customer loyalty. Now there are already a number of softwares on the market to help you create your referral marketing campaigns, but Jason Dea and his team at Toocoo Media believe that these…

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LemonStand: The eCommerce Platform for Advanced Stores

LemonStand eCommerce platform

It’s easier than ever to open an eCommerce store today, but go back just a few years and the story is very different. Back then setting up a store required developers and took weeks. This is the environment Danny Halarewich and Aleksey Bobkov found themselves in when they met online in 2008. They were both…

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Yotpo: Social Reviews for Your Store


Product reviews serve as important social trust signals to prospective buyers. When people look at what you have to sell, one of the first things they do is look at the reviews. If your product has terrible reviews they’ll stay away, but if you have great reviews they are more likely to buy. If you…

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RingCentral Virtual Phone Systems


RingCentral, like Grasshopper, is another leader in the virtual, or “cloud”, telephone systems market aimed at helping small businesses deploy and manage their phone networks in an easy, quick, and inexpensive manner. The company was founded in 2003 and has since brought on over 300,000 businesses of all sizes to their cloud platform and advanced…

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Olark Live Customer Chat


Olark is one of the most well-known names in customer live chat solutions for websites. The company launched in 2009 and can now be found in over 150 countries serving thousands of businesses. Odds are you’ve already used their product when contacting your favorite store or business online for support. Not only will offering live…

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Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

When the world’s largest and most popular search engine tells you what it wants to see in your web site, you should definitely listen. Ranking high in Google’s search results can lead to massive amounts of organic, free traffic, highly-targeted for your store. If people are searching for what your store is selling and they…

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Rework is a masterpiece of untraditional business advice and strategy written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, co-founders of the successful, innovative web software company 37 Signals, best known for their collaboration applications; especially Basecamp. This book throws out most of the conventional wisdom repeated in standard business texts, and for very good reason. If…

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Maker’s Row Factory Sourcing


The world of manufacturing and sourcing is often daunting, scary, and confusing. Where to even start is often the first, immediate road-block. And even if you manage to come across a few options either via a web search or referral, finding out who is best-suited to help make your products a reality might be enough…

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Grasshopper Virtual Phone Systems


Grasshopper has been serving and helping small businesses, around 100,000 of them, grow by handling their phone networks since 2003. The company, similar to RingCentral, provides seamless virtual phone systems which require no technical skills or work to setup – in fact, they’re available as soon as you sign up for their great service, which…

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Constant Contact Email Marketing


Constant Contact is a leader in providing innovative, powerful, and easy-to-use online email marketing tools for small businesses of all types. Their product line actually goes deeper than just that with offerings such as event registration handling, social campaigns, surveys, and more. The company has stood the test of time after being founded way back…

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