Constant Contact Email Marketing

Constant Contact is a leader in providing innovative, powerful, and easy-to-use online email marketing tools for small businesses of all types. Their product line actually goes deeper than just that with offerings such as event registration handling, social campaigns, surveys, and more.

The company has stood the test of time after being founded way back in 1995 (under a different name). They now claim around half a million customers and even went public in 2007. With those impressive stats and extensive product line, Constant Contact is a company you can feel secure about.

Let’s take a walk through the basic email marketing tools and functionality they offer.

After you create your account to start your free trial, you enter the application with an interface like the image you see above. Once you have at least one campaign created, your home page will look like an email inbox you see below. Listed are all of your campaigns nicely categorized and available to edit.

Constant Contact Email Campaign List

Creating a new email campaign is extremely easy; start by clicking “Create an Email” at the top of your inbox page. You’ll first be asked to select a template for the email. As you can see below, the amount of beautiful templates seems endless. They come in all different layouts, designs, colors, and more. Even at this point, you’re probably thankful you’re using an application like this, rather than trying to create such high-quality emails yourself. If a template isn’t exactly what you want, don’t worry – you can edit the details later.

Constant Contact Template Selection

And once your template is selected virtually every piece of it can be easily changed to fit your liking. Change font and background colors, font styles, layouts, text, and everything in between. This may take you a little bit of time, depending on how customized you desire the template to be; but it’s worth it. Once a reader opens the email, you only have a few seconds to really capture their attention, otherwise the opportunity is lost. A well-designed email template can help you do just that. At this point, you’re also able to edit the details of you campaign, give it a name, and other useful changes.

Constant Contact Template Editor

Now that your email campaign is ready to go, you can choose to do nothing, send it off, or schedule it for a future release. While we can’t go in to specifics about every great feature Constant Contact offers, you can see some useful examples here like getting email alerts about reporting, including Google Analytics, etc.

Constant Contact Campaign Scheduling

The last great functionality we’ll briefly cover is the reporting and statistics that are provided. This is another great example of why you shouldn’t try to tackle email marketing on your own; stick with a solid solution like Constant Contact. While the screenshot below doesn’t show any actual statistics (because we never sent off an email campaign during our testing), you can get a good sense of what is provided. These reports allow you to gain a full understanding about who is opening your emails, who isn’t, who is clicking through the links, and which links they are clicking. This information is extremely important and will allow you to continually improve your marketing efforts.

Constant Contact Reporting

Overall, we’re very impressed with the offerings from Constant Contact. It seems as though it cannot get any easier to use these powerful tools to reach your customers. As was mentioned previously, they also offer a number of other great-looking products, like event registration, but we didn’t get a chance to take them for a test-run. They offer extensive free-trials on everything, so give them a try for yourself today. Last thing to note is their top-notch customer support. They offer a toll-free phone number throughout the interface if you have any questions and are also available via email.

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