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Forewards referral marketing software

Referral marketing campaigns are a cost-effective way of marketing your eCommerce business. We’ve already seen how they can help you increase sales and customer loyalty.

Now there are already a number of softwares on the market to help you create your referral marketing campaigns, but Jason Dea and his team at Toocoo Media believe that these softwares are too complex. While this might not be a problem for large eCommerce stores, Jason says that small and medium businesses are looking for simpler solutions.

Many of these marketing apps are dumbed-down design tools

Toocoo Media themselves are a digital ad agency for enterprise clients. They’ve created marketing campaigns, PPC campaigns and affiliate campaigns for big name clients like Tapout and Everlast so they have a good idea of the marketing apps available.

“Many of these marketing apps are dumbed-down design tools,” says Jason. What he means is that when you use these apps, you spend a lot of time designing. Enterprise eCommerce stores have entire departments for this, but when it comes to SMBs run by a handful of people this is an unnecessary burden.

After talking to small eCommerce store owners, Jason and his team realised there was a need to create marketing apps that worked right out of the box and didn’t take hours to set up. They decided to focus on a referral marketing software as a start.

Thus, Forewards was born. Built from the ground up, the app focuses on simplicity and ease of use. It literally takes a couple of clicks and 30 seconds to get your campaign up and running. Don’t believe me? Start your timers.

After installing the app, you’re presented with the campaign creation screen. Simply enter a name and your new campaign is created.

Forewards referral marketing software

Next, the app asks you what your store’s value proposition is and presents you with four options. The four options are – quality, uniqueness, value and social responsibility. They’ll add more option in later versions as they collect more feedback and improve the product.

Forewards referral marketing software

After selecting the option that best defines your store and your customers, you’re asked to create an incentive for your campaign. You don’t have to create one but you could set a reward for customers to share your products. You can also create a coupon for consumers who purchase from you using a referral link.

Forwards referral marketing software

And that’s it! Forewards automatically generates emails based on your inputs. Your campaign is set up. Were you timing it?

What’s really happening behind the scenes is Forewards has already created numerous email templates using their vast experience creating marketing campaigns for their clients. After you select your options, their algorithm selects the two best referral request emails to send out to customers. These two emails are A/B tested against each other to find the best performer.

Forwards referral marketing software

Now because the focus is on simplicity, you can’t really customize these messages. You can change the email colors and add your logo but that’s about it. Forewards will do the rest and send the best emails to customers after they make a purchase.

There are three triggers for the referral requests. The first trigger is the purchase. Once customers pay, they are taken to a thank you page which also shows them one of the two auto-generated messages and requests a referral.

The second trigger is the thank you email that customers receive after purchasing something. They’ll get a referral request email along with it.

The third trigger is the shipping confirmation email. So when customers have the product with them, they’ll be asked to refer it again.

As you can see, customers can share their referral links via email and social media. All they have to do is click one and Forewards sends out another pre-configured message to the target. No work for you and no work for the customer.

Forwards referral marketing software

After you create your referral campaigns, you can keep track of them via the dashboard. In keeping with the theme of simplicity, the dashboard is also bare-bones. There are just two screens.

The Overview screen shows you only the numbers that matter. How many customers referred you, how many referrals brought visitors, and how many visitors bought something from you.

Forwards referral marketing software

You can also see the results of the A/B test for referral emails in the ‘Message Testing’ screen.

Forwards referral marketing software

Forewards is the simplest referral marketing software you’ll find. Jason and his team are betting that the simplicity will be a winner among small eCommerce stores. Right now, they’ve launched the beta program for stores using Shopify.

In fact the app is up on the Shopify App Store and available at no cost during the beta period. After that, it will go back to the regular price starting from $39/month.

So if you’re using Shopify and need an extremely simple referral marketing app, install Forewards for free and have your campaign ready in 30 seconds.

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