Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

When the world’s largest and most popular search engine tells you what it wants to see in your web site, you should definitely listen. Ranking high in Google’s search results can lead to massive amounts of organic, free traffic, highly-targeted for your store. If people are searching for what your store is selling and they are finding you, odds are your sales are going to increase dramatically. Search engine optimization is not easy, but Google is trying to help us webmasters by giving us a detailed guide on how we can all improve our sites so they look better to Google and rank higher.

The free SEO guide, available in PDF form, is an easy read of just 32 pages. The advice is paramount and very simple to understand and implement. This is an excellent starting point for anyone trying to learn about search engine optimization and begin working to get their site or store ranking higher in search results. The high-level categories covered are:

  1. SEO Basics
  2. Improving Site Structure
  3. Optimizing Content
  4. Dealing with Crawlers
  5. SEO for Mobile Phones
  6. Promotions and Analysis

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