Grasshopper Virtual Phone Systems

Grasshopper has been serving and helping small businesses, around 100,000 of them, grow by handling their phone networks since 2003. The company, similar to RingCentral, provides seamless virtual phone systems which require no technical skills or work to setup – in fact, they’re available as soon as you sign up for their great service, which starts at only $12 a month. Grasshopper’s virtual phone systems can help any business or store, even one ran by a single person, have a professional and organized phone network; which is why they’re known as The Entrepreneur’s Phone System.

Using their service, you can pick an 800 or local phone number, granted it’s not yet taken. Upon calling that number, your customers will be presented with an audio recording welcoming them to your business. Choosing an extension that you set up, for example, dial #1 for sales, the customer will be redirected to the phone number that you configured for that extension; perhaps your own cell or home phone, or an employee’s phone.

Here’s a simple rundown of how it works:

Grasshopper Phone System Overview

And to explain in even greater detail, watch this quick, 2-minute video presented by the company:

What other features are available?

  • Multiple toll-free numbers: If you opt for a toll-free number, choose any available 800, 888, 866, and 855 phone numbers. You can even create vanity phone numbers, ie, 1800-MY-STORE.
  • Local numbers: If toll-free numbers are not what you’re looking for, your store or business can register a number in your local area code.
  • Keep your existing number: Already have a business phone number? Easily move it to Grasshopper’s system.
  • Record custom greetings: You decide what your customers first hear when they dial in.
  • Unlimited extensions: Add as many extensions and lines that you require at no additional cost.
  • Hold music: Choose from their library of hold music samples or upload your own tunes.
  • Name directory: Allow your callers to search a directory of people to connect with; if you want.
  • Handle unlimited calls: Their virtual phone platform can handle any amount of incoming calls.
  • Conference calling: Connect more than one person in a call at a time.
  • Call forwarding: Automatically forward any extension to any other phone number, cell phone, or other device you wish. Easily change the numbers and configuration whenever you need to. You can work from anywhere.
  • Call screening: You’ll have options to screen incoming calls by sending the call automatically to voicemail, reveal the caller’s phone number, and more.
  • Voicemail: Voicemail messages are automatically converted to sound files and emailed to you.
  • Fax: Faxes delivered to your number are converted to PDF documents and emailed to you.

Pricing & Trials

Grasshopper offers pricing packages in a very simple fashion, which is unfortunately rare for software companies. All of their four packages come with every available feature, unlimited phone extensions, free activation, and can be upgraded or downgraded at any time without penalty. At the time of writing this, their packages are:

  • $12 per month. 6 cents per minute. 1 phone number.
  • $24 per month. 500 minutes. 1 phone number.
  • $49 per month. 2,000 minutes. 2 phone numbers.
  • $199 per month. 10,000 minutes. 3 phone numbers.

Final Thoughts

Grasshopper is our top pick for a virtual phone system for a single entrepreneur or very small team working together. Their features are extensive, their platform is easy to use, and their pricing and price-structure is affordable and flexible. Any one running a store needs to have a support phone number visible and available for customers if they want to increase trust and sales and this is an incredible way to provide one at a low cost. If you have a larger business, perhaps with one or more offices, or employees located in various places, then RingCentral might be a more robust virtual phone system for you.

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