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Step-by-step instructions to take you from having no ideas to running your own e-commerce store.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Generate multiple product ideas
  • Identify the best opportunities
  • Figure out market demand
  • Research competition
  • Find suppliers
  • Set up your website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I really have an e-commerce store in one week?

That depends on how much work you put in. If you set aside a couple of hours every day and do the assignments, you can have a functioning store live in a week.

Will I make money from my store?

Again, that depends on you. You can’t just set up a store and except the orders to flow it automatically. It takes a lot of effort even after setting it up to drive traffic to your store and make sales.

What about if I’m new to e-commerce?

Then this course is just for you. It covers all the basics and is written from a newbie’s point of view. Even if you don’t have success with your store, you’ll at least be more knowledgeable about e-commerce.

How much will I need to spend?

Nothing! The course, as you already know, is free. All the assignments and work to set up the site can be done by you without spending money too.

Why is the course free?

It’s simple. I can’t guarantee you’ll make any money from your store, so I can’t ask you to spend money on this course. Besides, the point of this is for you to make money, not spend it.

What happens after I launch my store?

Well if you do that, then congratulations on taking the first step. Starting is always the hardest part. Your next job is to market and promote your site and start making sales. You’ll keep receiving free marketing advice and app suggestions from this site to help you along the way.

What if I realize I don’t like e-commerce?

No problem. Simply unsubscribe with one click and go find something else to do.

What if I have questions during the course?

You can always hit reply to any of the e-mails and I’ll personally answer any questions you have.