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The world of manufacturing and sourcing is often daunting, scary, and confusing. Where to even start is often the first, immediate road-block. And even if you manage to come across a few options either via a web search or referral, finding out who is best-suited to help make your products a reality might be enough stress to cause you to rethink your entire idea. Choosing the right manufacturer and forming a solid relationship can mean the difference between success and failure for any business looking to manufacture their own products. Luckily, Maker’s Row is here to make this process as easier and enjoyable as possible.

The company offers a really well-organized platform to help business-owners find and connect with America’s best factories willing and able to produce goods of all sorts; current high-level categories available are apparel & accessories and furniture & home decor. Searching is extremely easy and starts simply by entering the type of product you desire to have manufactured. To further narrow your results, you can filter by the state that the manufacturer is located in, any second-level categories (ie, Apparel -> Footware), and what is most appealing, the stage(s) of manufacturing that you’re looking for, which includes:

  • Ideation
  • Pattern-making
  • Sample-making
  • Tooling
  • Production

Maker's Row Manufacturer Search

Once you select a company to view more information about, you’re presented with just about everything there is to know about the manufacturer, including:

  • The name and location of the company.
  • Their response-rate.
  • The ability to message, call them, or view their website.
  • A description of the company including who they service, what stages of manufacturing they support, and a gallery of their work.

Maker's Row Manufacturer

If the manufacturer seems like a good fit for your business and products, you can continue your research by seeing a list of their reference samples, their catalog, capabilities, and more, including real reviews and rating from other members of the site that have previously used them for production.

Maker's Row Manufacturer Samples

If you’re an aspiring-entrepreneur or a store-owner looking to venture in to the world of product development and manufacturing, Maker’s Row is an amazing resource that you cannot overlook and a great place to begin your search for a manufacturer. Signing up for an account is free and you’re free to browse without one. 

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