A Roundup Of My eCommerce Posts From Around The Web

Kissmetrics ecommerce posts

Of late, I’ve published a fair number of eCommerce posts on the most well-known blogs in the marketing world. While this blog remains a priority, I can reach more people by posting on other blogs.

That being said, I realise that some of my posts may not have reached you. You subscribed to this blog to receive more posts from me, so it’s only fair that I share those posts with you.

Without further ado, here’s a roundup of the posts I’ve written with short descriptions of each. If you’re interested in any of them, click through to the actual post.

3 Ways To Use Analytics To Increase Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates

This is a post on the Kissmetrics blog. The goal of this post is to highlight the importance of analytics, especially when it comes to conversion rate optimisation. As eCommerce business owners, we tend to focus more on the marketing part, and not what people do once they reach our site.

With analytics, we can track how people reached our site, what they’re looking for and which products they bought. Using this information, we can create personalised shopping experiences for them, making it more likely that they’ll buy something from us.

Unconventional Places To Find Ideas For Your Next A/B Test

A/B testing is crucial to conversion rate optimisation, but the most important question is what to test. The options are unlimited. You could test anything from a new layout to the colour of a button.

However, most tests probably won’t reveal much. You might find case studies showing how a small button change made a huge difference but, in general, you’re better off testing out more potent ideas. In this Optimizely post, I share three unconventional sources of new A/B testing ideas.

4 Strategies To Drive More E-Commerce Sales With Your Facebook Ads

I’ve already written a series of posts on creating Facebook ads. In this Unbounce post, I go deeper into some advanced strategies and debunk the myth that Facebook is a costly option and waste of money.

The short lesson is, if you design the ad well and create a compelling offer, you’ll get clicks and sales.

How To Optimize Your Category Pages For Conversions

The title is pretty self explanatory. I’ve written a number of posts for LemonStand but this one has been getting lots of views.

While you’re there, have a look on my other posts like the one on optimising product pages. I’ve also created an infographic to summarise the product page conversion post.

How To Increase Conversion Rates By Building Customer Personas

This post I’d written on RJMetrics talks about creating customer personas and how to use them to increase conversion rates. Most eCommerce owners don’t really know who they’re targeting. When asked, their answers are usually broad and vague.

You might think that narrowing down on an audience will generate fewer sales, but it’s actually the opposite of what happens. By targeting your customer personas, you’ll increase conversion rates and, in turn, your revenue.

5 Ideas For A/B Testing Your Way To Better Email Marketing

I had written this for Vero a couple of months ago but it’s still very relevant and something I haven’t covered on my blog. A/B testing is not limited just to websites. It’s possible to test your emails to increase click through rates and purchases. For eCommerce businesses that rely on email promotions, this is a must-read.

6 Ways Social Proof Can Increase Conversions On Your Site

I’ve been a regular author on Crazy Egg for a long time now. This is my most recent published post on their blog. I’ve written more about conversion rate optimisation techniques over there so check out my author profile and other posts.

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