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By subscribing to Open A Store Now, you get all the information on this site straight to your inbox. That means you don’t have to keep coming back here and seeing what’s new. We’ll be sending you everything you need to know to launch and grow your business. In addition to that, subscribers get special access to certain features that non-subscribers don’t –

  • Weekly Roundups – There’s more information out there than we produce on our site. We’ll crawl the internet and select the best pieces for you. E-mail subscribers will get a weekly roundup of the best and most helpful e-commerce articles.
  • Resources and Discounts – We will keep adding new resources to the site, as well as complete reviews to help you make the right decisions about which tools to use. Subscribers will get access to special discounts for these tools.
  • The Forum – We’re currently working on building a forum for e-commerce store owners. This will be a private community only for serious store owners with limited space, and subscribers get to the front of the line to enter.
  • Exposure – We will be running interviews and highlighting successful e-commerce businesses, so you’ll get the chance to submit your store for an interview and gain exposure to our audience. 
  • Real Support – Our e-mails aren’t sent by a no-reply bot. You can hit the reply button and ask questions, and you’ll be answered as soon as possible. Have a burning question, need feedback and advice? Simply send us a mail. Think of it as your personal help line.
  • Launch In A Week – Subscribers get access to our Launch In A Week e-mail course.

What is Launch In A Week?

Launch In A Week is a free e-mail course designed to help you launch your own e-commerce store in one week. It’s well and good to read about how to grow businesses and market them, but many people are just not sure how to start. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a step-by-step checklist of the things you need to do to get a functional e-commerce site online?

Well, that’s exactly what the Launch In A Week course is. Broken up into 7 modules, with one module delivered to you every day for a week, the course will show you exactly what you need to get your store up. Even if you don’t have an idea, or you’re just curious to see what this whole e-commerce thing is about, this course is for you. 

The course will teach you how to –

  • Generate multiple e-commerce product ideas
  • Identify the opportunities with the highest chance of success
  • Figure out market demand for your products
  • Research competitors and find out how you can set yourself apart
  • Identify and close deals with suppliers
  • Set up your online store with no technical knowledge
  • Start making money

The best part is, you can do all this with very little financial investment. In fact, you don’t have to spend any money at all! You’ll have to dedicate and invest some amount of time of course, but even if you just want to get your feet wet, you can do this whole course without spending money. Whether you’re serious about starting your own e-commerce business or not, the course is a free, no strings attached starting manual. 

So, are you ready to get started on your path to running your own e-commerce empire? If so, enter your name and e-mail address below and you’re all set!

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