Wix Website and Online Store Builder

Gone are the days of technical and programming skills being a requirement in order to create and launch a website. So are the days of hiring someone to do it for you. The power of web-based applications available for the everyday user has surged along with the capabilities of modern web-browsers, which allow you to do just about anything. Innovative companies like Wix are part of this surge, providing amazingly powerful tools for the novice to create a full-featured, professional website or online store in a few hours (rather than months).

Getting starting is extremely quick and easy; just punch in your email address and pick and password. The next step is choosing the type of website you intend to create, or template. We’ll create a Toys & Games online store in this example. The available options seem endless; which is great:

Wix Template Selection

After that, take your time and browser through the extensive gallery of pre-built, quite-beautiful website template themes. A lot of them are already mobile-optimized, which means that they will automatically condense in to a device-friendly format when you’re browsing on your phone or tablet. With mobile browser and online shopping on a constant rise, this is critical for any modern website. What you see in this gallery is exactly what you start with. You will save a lot of time if you can choose a theme that most closely matches the site you envision creating. We recommend that you have a plan before you start the creation of your site, unless you want to just familiarize yourself with this great service. You can always start over once you are done learning the ropes.

Wix Theme Selection

Now that your theme is selected, while you’re previewing it, you can choose to edit it. This is the fun part. You’re redirected in to their powerful website editor which can be a bit daunting at first, but there is nothing to worry about. On the left-side are the primary controls: change the background, change the logo, edit the settings, move the blocks, and so much more. Take your time and test everything out for yourself. Remember, you can spend some time learning then come back and start over when you are ready. If you’re stuck, Wix provides a full documentation page loaded with tips, tutorials, and videos.

Wix Site Editing

We did also mention that Wix can be used to create an online store as well. Below is WixStore, the amazingly simple and powerful store management dashboard that automatically came with my store template. This handles everything from product listings, to pricing, to payments, coupons, and much more. We recommend you take a good look for yourself.

Wix Store Management

Once you’re done, click Save, and choose the URL for your site or store and it’s now available online. It was that easy.

While this is 100% free, if you want to use your own domain (for example, mystore.com), you will have to pay a monthly fee for that. But for the little they charge, it’s completely worth it. Not only did you just create a professional website in a few hours (or less), you do not have to deal with hiring programmers, renting server space, installing software, fixing bugs, or the rest of the headaches that typically come with publishing a website or launching an online store.

Overall, we’re very impressed with Wix and all that they offer. We still feel that Shopify is the better choice if you’re intending on building a store, and not just a normal website, but you can only figure that out for yourself if you try each. Wix also features a never-ending app market which you can use to easily integrate new services in to your website, such as form builders, social network integrations, contact forms, analytics, mailing lists, and much more. And if you need that extra hand from a professional, you can even hire a designer or developer to make anything you want come to life. 

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