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Product reviews serve as important social trust signals to prospective buyers. When people look at what you have to sell, one of the first things they do is look at the reviews. If your product has terrible reviews they’ll stay away, but if you have great reviews they are more likely to buy. If you haven’t already set up reviews for products on your store, look no further than Yotpo.

Yotpo is one of the most popular e-commerce reviews solutions out there because it’s not just a reviews app. It has an important social loop baked in that helps you get more reviews, improve conversion rates and make more sales. What’s more, your reviews are search engine friendly so they can even show up in a Google search.

Here are some hard numbers. Yotpo is trusted by over 40,000 e-commerce stores making it one of the top apps on Shopify, Magento and other e-commerce platforms. They have helped stores increase on-site conversions by 17% and bottom line sales by an average of 5-11%.

I personally use Yotpo and I recommend it to my friends. It’s feature-rich and free, and I have nothing bad to say about them. Today we’re going to take an in-depth look behind the curtains and I’ll show you what they have to offer with screenshots from my account.


The on-site settings allow you to display review widgets and tabs so that visitors can see reviews from other people.

Reviews Widget

This is the core offering, the reviews section that you see on a product page. In terms of the basic look and feel, the Yotpo reviews widget is like any other reviews setion. There are star-ratings for each reviews, the purchaser’s picture, and the actual review. Other visitors can create their own reviews and add their own star ratings.

As an e-commerce owner, you have the ability to customise the design of the reviews widget so that it matches your site design and looks like a built-in feature. Yotpo provides you with flexible and easy-to-use tools to do this. Here’s a look at the dashboard.

Yotpo Reviews Widget Customisation

This is the most basic version of what the review widget would look like on your site. As you can see, Yotpo allows you to customize every aspect of it, right down to what the stars would look like. Here’s what a finished design looks like on an actual product page –

Now, you’ll notice a few things that makes a Yotpo review different from a regular review widget. First, reviewers must connect using one of their social accounts or their e-mail address. Second, each review is verified, meaning only real buyers can add reviews. This serves as an important trust indicator to prospective customers.

New Reviews Widget

Yotpo has also recently come out with a new reviews widget with a better look and feel, more cutomisation options, and an option to upsell customers by adding a row of other popular products.

The look and feel settings come with color palettes to better match your store. You can also change the size of the widget and the font settings.

Yotpo New Reviews Widget

Here’s what the widget looks like on a product page after basic customisation –

Yotpo Reviews

The Promoted Products option is a nice addition. You can either select four products to promote or let Yotpo choose for you. Now, this is a global setting, which means if you select products they remain the same on every product page. On the other hand, if you let Yotpo choose, then they’ll optimise the promoted products to each customer.

Yotpo Promoted Products

Reviews Tab

This is a tab that shows up on the side of your screen. When someone lands on your site, let’s say on the blog, you can have this little tab popping out from the side. On clicking, a box opens up in the center of the screen showing viewers the latest product reviews on your site. This is a useful way to drive traffic to your most talked about and best reviewed products.

Yotpo Reviews Tab

Embedded Widget

The embedded widget is sort of like the Latest Tweets or Latest Posts widgets you see on the right-sidebar of this site. Except, it shows product reviews. You can either show reviews of your top products, or your most recent reviews. This is another interesting way of driving traffic to your product pages. When users see it on the side of your page, they can click through to that product. Again, Yotpo allows you to customise the design and generate a code to plug into your site.

Yotpo Embedded Widget


Star Rating

The star rating is a piece of code that you can stick anywhere on a product page. What it does is it aggregates all the ratings for that product and shows a single average star rating. You can then place this near your product title or above your product description so that this is one of the first things customers see, giving them a favorable view of your product right from the start.


This is a nice little feature that allows you to display a small 140 x 145 px badge anywhere on your site with a single line of code. The badge basically shows off the total number of reviews your site has. As the number of reviews on your site increases Yotpo unlocks the next badge. It’s another way of building trust and displaying social value.

Collect Reviews

Your on-site reviews are just one part of the system, but to complete the loop you’ll need the e-mail and social review collection tools. This is where Yotpo differs from other sites, with their social feedback loop.

Mail After Purchase

This is an e-mail that you can automatically send out to customers after they’ve purchased something from your site. Yotpo has integrations with Shopify and other shopping carts and e-commerce platforms so it can pull purchases and associated e-mail IDs.

You can write custom e-mail copy in the backend and schedule it for a certain number of days after purchase. For example, if it takes 3 days to ship a product to a customer, you can set the e-mail to go out 1 week after purchase asking them for feedback on the product they should have received 4 days ago.

The best part about the mails is that customers don’t have to click through to your site to place a review. Yotpo makes it extremely easy to collect reviews by integrating a form within the e-mail. On top of that you can add incentives like offering a discount coupon to write and share reviews. You can even upsell customers on associated products in the same mail.

Yotpo Mail After Purchase

Targeted Review Requests

Targeted requests are also e-mail requests you can send but they aren’t automated. The set up is the same as above except you have to manually send the e-mail each time. Why would you want to do that? Let’s say one of your customers made a massive order, or you sent some products to an influential blogger. In this case it makes more sense to create a personalized e-mail requesting feedback and embedded the feedback form.

Social and Loyalty

What makes Yotpo so popular is how deeply social is built into the product. You can connect your Twitter and Facebook account and choose to manually or automatically post reviews to your social profiles. This allows your fans and followers to see what others are buying and saying about your products making them more likely to buy in turn.

You can also create coupon codes, as mentioned before, from within Yotpo. You can then send these out in e-mail or via social media to incetivize people to write and share reviews.


Yotpo has an advanced tool called minisite that allows you to create a separate minisite that contains all your reviews. Basically you set up a sub-domain and hook that up to Yotpo. Yotpo then automatically publishes all your reviews to the minisite. This mini-site can only be seen by search engines and not actual people.

It’s a bit tough to comprehend if you’re not technically inclined. Create a site that can’t be seen? Don’t worry about it. The simple fact is if you follow the instructions from your dashboard your reviews will become searchable. Let’s say you sell a Canon Rebel camera and you have a bunch of reviews for it on yor site. When someone searches ‘Canon Rebel camera reviews’ on Google, the reviews on your site will show up. When they click on those reviews, they’ll come to your product page.


After you’ve set everything up and you have some reviews coming in, you can view all the stats on your main Yotpo dashboard. You’ll see how much money Yotpo has generated for you, how many review mails were sent out, what your ratings are, and so on. You can also moderate new reviews and choose which ones you want to publish on the site. This helps you remove spam reviews.

If you think Yotpo is something that can help boost your sales, give it a try. All the above features are free and it takes a few minutes to set up and integrate with your store. Most small e-commerce owners stick with the free version because it’s so feature rich. They don’t bombard you with upsells and I didn’t even know they had a premium version until a few weeks ago.

Are you using Yotpo on your store? Feel free to share your site in the comments and let us know how it’s been working out for you!


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